• Higher-order in-and-outeractions reveal synergy and logical dependence beyond Shannon-information -

Talks and conferences

  • Cybergenetic networks in the mouse brain: higher-order gene regulation and Boolean logic - IGC Biomedical Genomics section meeting, Dec 2021.
  • Cybergenetic in-and-outeractions: Searching for strange loops in the mouse brain - De Las Cuevas Group, University of Innsbruck, Sep 2021.
  • Genetic Interactions and Information Lattices - Mathematical Quantum Physics group, University of Innsbruck, Juli 2021.
  • Model-free estimation of higher-order interactions - CHSL Biology of Genomes conference, May 2021. Poster
  • Complex Gene Regulation: Higher-order interactions in single-cell expression data - European Mathematical Genetics Meeting, April 2021. Slides | Video
  • Higher-order interactions in single-cell expression data - IGC Biomedical Genomics section meeting, March 2021. Slides
  • Complex gene regulation: higher-order interactions in single-cell expression data - CHSL Network Biology conference, March 2021. Poster
  • A maximally noncommittal physicist looks at genetic interactions - Biomedical Genomics section meeting, May 2020. Slides
  • Computational biology journal club - Helped organise and present, IGC May 2019 - Sep 2020.
  • Introduction to the do-calculus - Helped organise and present at the Causality book club, IGC April 2019.
  • Ethics in biomedicine - Workshop for Ponting-Lab, October 2019.
  • Distillation for Olfactory Design - Mediamatic Odorama nights, March 2017.
  • SPUI25 in spe - Organised and hosted multiple events at cultural centre SPUI25, Jan-Sep 2017.
  • Debates on science and technology in society - Organised and hosted monthly debates at the Betabreak events, Dec 2014 - Jan 2016.

MSc. Thesis

E8 symmetry structures in the Ising model University of Amsterdam, A. Jansma 2018.


Leaf venation simulation, 2014.
Firefly synchronisation (ran by ~5k users), 2014.
Flocking simulations with predators (ran by ~15k users, forked ~20 times), 2013.


Over vogels en vuurvliegjes 2019.
Solitonen in het zwembad 2019.
Distillation 101 2016.